Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What are cravings? Cravings are those impossible to ignore, usually immediately unavailable, always intense, desires for something. In this case, I am referring to food. Have you ever had a craving for a specific food? I'll bet it's a certain dish from a certain famous restaurant, right? Have you ever had such an intense craving for that certain food that you had to have it, right now? And it was midnight? Have you ever eaten a meal in a restaurant that was so good that you just had to know how it was made? Have you thought about that meal, and thought about that meal, until you just had to have it again? And then...

Did you spend hours waiting in the restaurant lobby to get seated? Did you spend hundreds of dollars paying others to cook recipes that you never thought you would be able to get your hands on - let alone be able to cook on your own?

If so, than you and I have something in common. However, help is on the way! There's a place where you can find the recipes for some of the best dishes from some of the best restaurants in this country. It's cheaper. It's easier. No waiting. Anytime you get that uncontrollable urge, you can have it. Easy as that.

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